Metropolitan Districts

The Independence Metropolitan Districts and the Independence Water & Sanitation District are Title 32 Special Districts that were established on September 7, 2017 for the purpose of financing public improvements for the use and benefit of the residents and taxpayers of the Districts.  The Districts encompass 1,011 acres and are located North of the intersection of County Road 158 and County Road 5 in Northwest Elbert County.


  • The revised 2022 Independence – Design Guidelines (Overlay District) are now available for viewing and download
  • The District is required to provide an annual water quality Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to all consumers. A copy of the District’s 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report is available here

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Conservation Community

The strategically and carefully planned Independence community employs innovative conservation methods to preserve open space, water, energy, and other natural resources to directly benefit all residents of Elbert County.

Space to Live

Independence offers the highest percentage of dedicated open space comparable to other master plan communities in Colorado. Over 433 acres will be preserved in a contiguous and natural state to encourage wildlife and migration throughout the community, while expansive setbacks from neighboring residences and local roads will reduce the community’s impact on current residents.